The STORY leading to the DEMISE

Final Chapter DEMISE

As they happened upon the Malicious at the boundary of the abyss, the Prophets concluded that they had no means of stopping it should it make another appearance. Thus they proceeded with a new plan; a means of lessening the malice which filled the world. They bestowed upon the religious leaders of the people new revelations and power, hoping that with piety came peace. But alas, with the passage of time faith became fanaticism and turned into new seeds of chaos. Disillusioned by the nature of human beings, Monos, the leader of the Prophets decided to take the task of changing the world into his own hands. He began to envision a revising of the truths which governed this world. The Prophet Hexa, however, stood apart from his compatriots. Adverse to the distorted ruin being made of the world due to the Prophets' interventions, he resolved to use the Spirit Vessel in order to subvert them.


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