• AURA
  • コスチューム


Defeat Bosses to Obtain New Abilities. Obtain new abilities by defeating bosses!

With each vanquished foe, new and stronger abilities will be yours! Use them to defeat even tougher enemies!

Combo System. Mantle switch for tons of combo possibilities!

Switching your Mantle form while attacking gives you a variety of different ways to deal damage!

3D Action. Move freely around the entire 3D space!

Run up walls and ceilings without needing to equip special abilities! Forget all you knew about gravity and fly through the air! Use mid-air jumps and flight to move through the level in any way you want!

Mantle Abilities. Your Mantle changes form! Overcome your enemies by Mantle switching!

Move, attack, defend... Instantly change the form of your Mantle to suit your purposes!

Counter Attacks. Counter attacks are the key to turning battles around!

Employ good timing to initiate a counter attack! Inputting the correct commands during a boss' special attack will allow you to counter it! A successful counter attack will leave the boss wide open for a time. Take advantage with your own attacks!

What new abilities await you?